From the Intern Desk

My name is Justina. I have been volunteering at The Firehall for a couple of years. Now I am doing an internship here with a focus on production. My job involves hanging and focusing lights, putting up and taking down the set, and working in the booth operating the lighting board. After many barista, deli, and dishwashing positions, I am delighted to have finally found a job where cleanliness is not the number one priority. This job is not about being gentle with the lemon loaves. It is not about not banging on the counters with the ceramic mugs. It is a manly job, and I put my pockets where my pants are, if you know what I mean.

I’m guessing you don’t. I mean that I am a woman that wears pants with functioning pockets.

The theatre is a big black gymnasium. I was never any good at PE. We all remember running back and forth from one end of the gym to the other, running from stern to bow and back again. Spending all day retrieving lights, operating the sound board, and painting the fourth wall, in addition to having to climb up and down the ladder seems like a sick fantasy created by an elementary school PE teacher; I can hear Mr. Baldwin’s menacing chuckles from up above.

Along with receiving this in-house training, among other tasks, we have had the opportunity to take courses in First Aid, Food Safe, and Serving it Right. First Aid was a harrowing experience. I was close to breaking down several times throughout the course. Thankfully Annie the half-doll wasn’t conscious to notice how nervous I was.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work here. This internship has pushed me to try tasks which I would not normally do. It has given me insight not only to the machinations of a theatre but also to the efforts that are involved with working a full schedule. I am grateful for the staff who work these hours and who have shown me that a job is not as bad as the word makes it sound.

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