From the Intern Desk

**Beep baa leap beep beep beep** This just in from the intern desk!

Hello I’m Victoria Snashall reporting for The Firehall Blog News.

Here’s a little background history on me. I’ve grown up in the theatre world. NO, REALLY! My family and I lived in a theatre for 5 years before they noticed we were even there; we survived by sleeping on the equity cot and sending me into the lobby to get the left over’s on opening and closing night parties. I used to get away with it when there was a production of “Annie” or the “Sound of Music”, but on the opening night of “Equus” I stood out like a sore thumb while stealing spinach dip from a bread bowl. Eventually my mother was offered a job in props, which then evolved into a career as a stage manager.

What do I do here at The Firehall? That’s a very good question, I’ve been dabbling in a bit of everything, but my main focus is the actual theatre itself along with my fellow intern Justina. I’ve been learning everything from the difference of a channel to addresses on the ion lighting board, to sorting nails from screws in the 100 year old basement. Even though I have grown up in the theatre world, I haven’t ever fully seen what it’s like running a theatre and so it was a enlightening experience to see our “Mistress of the Box Office” Alex hard at work first hand and learning the basics of how the “Theatre Manager” program works.

I’m over-joyed being a intern and so honoured to be part of The Firehall. It’s wonderful to have a job that’s suited to my interests and to be able to take pride in what I do. I’m looking forward to the next few months here and seeing what else will happen.

-Intern Victoria

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