Little Tokyo in the Industrial Playground

Jeremy Isao Speier

May 2 to June 16

Interested in the industrial nature of the neighbourhood he works in, Speier’s practice is about the urban geographical vernacular of recycling and salvaging found objects and materials for reuse and repurpose in his work. Working with these found fragments and objects and utilizing obsolete technology of the 1970s and 1980s to reconfigure parts and motors, Speier has created hand-made and self-made technologies speaking to the transformation of a Vancouver industrial area.

Jeremy Isao Speier is a Japanese-Canadian Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist who graduated from Emily Carr College of Art & Design in 1992. He works in film/video, kinetic sculpture and sound, and installation. He has exhibited extensively across Canada in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He will be exhibiting in 2013 at the Nikkei National Museum.