My House Is

100% of proceeds from this exhibit will go to and be shared equally by the Wish Drop In Centre, Union Gospel Mission, and the Firehall Arts Centre.

The seventeen paintings are each (matted and framed) $75. They are each original artwork, watercolour pencil and acrylic on paper, 7 x 7 inches. The two piece photographic collage “124 times we walk by without seeing” (each piece original photographs on canvas, 30 x 40 inches) is available for purchase on silent auction, with a minimum starting bid of $200. If you would like to purchase a painting or place a bid on the photographic collage, please contact the Firehall. Your support of this 100% fundraising initiative for these organizations is greatly appreciated.

“124 times we walk by without seeing”, each piece original photographs on canvas, 30 x 40 inches. Please contact the Firehall to bid on this piece.

Jan. 11 – Mar. 8

Unlike the paintings in the My House Is series (which honour, in color, individuals I met who make their lives on the street, each of them an individual honouring) the photo collages are in black and white, each photograph incorporated only 4×4 inches. I wished each to disappear into what from a few feet away may look like a black and white “wall” of photographs. A patterning, not an honouring. To reflect the “times we walk by without seeing.”
There’s actually 126 photos incorporated, two are of myself on the journey. I didn’t sign these collage pieces except with the two photographs of myself that I hope disappear into the mix. I tried to keep all individuals unidentifiable in the photographs, and wished that I myself become anonymous within it too. Sometimes I photographed through people legs walking past people sitting on the ground. Sometimes I photographed in a blur. Some photos I grabbed through a rainy bus window. Some photos I took from half a block away.
The title came to me early in November, and from the moment it did I knew that’s what I was looking for, photographs that capture not the spirit and character of an individual living on the street, as I was honouring in the paintings. I was looking for the exact opposite: photographs that capture how easy it is to walk by and not see people as individuals.
The photo collages are very special to me — as the document of my whole journey, a time capsule glimpse of people living on the streets of Vancouver in the fall of 2019, and they are the first photo collages I’ve ever put together for exhibit.
If you know of someone or an organization that might find value and appreciation in this piece, and would like to bid on it (knowing that 100% of whatever it goes for will go directly to Union Gospel Mission, the Wish Drop In Centre and the Firehall Arts Centre), please let them know about it.

Bid on the Photo Collage Here:

Karin Konoval, 2019,

More About the Exhibit

Listen to Karin Konoval speak about the exhibit with Sheryl MacKay on CBC’s North by Northwest (interview starts a 55:36)

After the success of “My House Is”, Karin has created some more paintings to help raise funds for all three of us! Thank you, Karin!

These nine paintings have nothing to do with the larger exhibit “My House Is”, they are a whimsy I decided to create in honor and spirit of “Talking Sex On Sundays.” As the seventeen paintings in the “My House Is” series were all sold by the end of the run of “House and Home” I thought it might be fun to create some more paintings to be available for purchase to further support the fundraising initiative for Union Gospel Mission, Wish Drop In Centre and the Firehall Arts Centre that I created the “My House Is” exhibit for. 


As these nine paintings were a whimsy I decided to undertake three weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to give myself a challenge. I’m left-handed, but wondered what my right hand might like to draw. Give the other side of my brain a workout. So these are right hand drawings, and left hand paintings…hence “Both Hands Valentines.” 


Each of the paintings is original artwork, watercolour pencil and acrylic on paper, 7 x 7 inches. As with “My House Is”, 100% of proceeds from the sale of the “Both Hands Valentines” paintings will go to Union Gospel Mission, Wish Drop In Centre, and the Firehall Arts Centre. They are each $30. If you would like to pay more than $30 for a painting, your contribution to this fundraising initiative is most welcome.