North v.2

Kiku Hawkes

Sep 3 - Oct 18

image002Opening reception: Sep 3, 5:30 – 7pm. FREE!

North v.2 integrates direct scans of pressed wildflowers, collected during an arts residency in Northern BC, with screen grabs of digital maps of the area. This fusion of macro- and micro-views of a specific landscape speaks to the increasing influence of digital interfaces, vis á vis our relationship to the environment; one form is intimate and personal, the other, while scientific and public, is accessible only through specific corporate software.

Kiku Hawkes is a Vancouver-based artist/photographer who immigrated to Canada after extensive studies in Mexico, Nepal, India and Japan. Hawkes’ works have been best described as “bio-regional”; that is, grounded in the immediate environment, both internal and exterior. Her innovative integration of photographic and sculptural elements is achieved through extensive handwork, including hand-colouring, embroidery, the inclusion of found objects, etc.

Digital images on canvas; wooden embroidery hoops; 18” x 18’