Peace at War

curated by Lori Weidenhammer

October 20 to November 19

Service and Sacrifice

This exhibit, curated by Vancouver artists Lori Weidenhammer, will feature archival images of Vancouver and propaganda posters created during times of war.

These photographs and images hint of the behind the scenes stories and the lives of Vancouverites during these times of global unrest.

Each photograph represents an aspect of the sacrifice and service that people endured in World War I and World War II. At the same time Canadians were seeking victory over enemies of their freedom, many were also seeking victory over the cultural intolerance found at the root of many wars.

In the end, wars leave us with statistics. Behind each number is a human life and behind each life a thousand stories. As part of our continual search for resolutions to the world’s tragic conflicts we need to remember the lives and stories behind the statistics. These Vancouverites left us a legacy of many people bravely working for peace, tolerance and an end to war.

World War I (1914 – 1918)
Population of Canada: 7,800,000
625,825 Served
61,082 Died
154,361 Wounded

World War II (1939 – 1945)
Population of Canada: 11,500,000
1,086,343 Served
42,042 Died
54,414 Wounded


DATES: October 20 to November 19
TIME: Wednesday to Saturday