Shout Out

Elaine Hunter | Raghavendra Rao | Olive Leung

April 24 - June 8

Shout Out, the annual exhibition of work by emerging visual artists showcases the work of three  artists starting their careers in B. C.

Winter Forest | Elaine HunterPhotographer Elaine Hunter captures the natural beauty of the sea and sky that surround her and enhances her work with a variety of digital processes, creating haunting, images that lean towards the sublime.





Mending Cracks | Raghu Raghavendra RaoRaghavendra Rao, working in watercolour, translates his memories of a devastating earthquake in India into the dark side to the sublime, awe experienced as darkness and horror.






Vortex | Olive LeungOlive Leung, working with both image and materials, creates bejewelled works and through her preparatory sketches reveals the intimacy of the process.