Urban Shadow

Jon Shaw
Karin Vengshoel & Erica Seckinger

January 8 - February 23


No Left Turns | Jon Shaw


Each urban area, each urban project has its shadow. Artist Jon Shaw investigates the divide between the orderly  urban façade of the street and  the back door unruliness of alleyways. Using a variety of image making techniques to reflect  the complexity of urban life, Shaw considers the flurry of images and signs that flow through our cities. 

Jon Shaw: Street Signs and Alleyways (Ink and Acrylic)




Now Selling | Karin Vengshoel & Erica Seckinger

Working back and forth on one canvas artists Karin Vengshoel and Erica Seckinger  appropriate images from magazines and advertisements to critique the increasingly great economic divide in our cities.


Karin Vengshoel, Erica Seckinger: Increase the Divide (Mixed Media)





 Gallery Hours Wed – Sat 1-5pm

Please join us on Thursday January 9  for an opening reception from 5:30 – 7pm