RICHKA [Річка] River

RICHKA [Річка] River
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Tuesday, June 27th 8pm

Association of United Ukrainian Canadians in collaboration with The Troika Collective

A captivating new multidisciplinary work melding contemporary dance with Ukrainian traditions

Original Concept  |  Aliya Griffin, Deborah Karras, Laurel Lawry, Tetiana Zaruba

Created by  |  Georgina Alpen, Aliya Griffin, Tamara Pitts, Emily Villavicencio

Featuring  |  Vostok: Aliya Griffin, Emily Villavicencio, Jessica Hood; Karley Kyle-Moffat, Egor Terekhine, Jeff Gonek, David Clennin, Katherine Alpen, Charlotte Newman; Sheila Allan; Caroline Sniatynski

Technical Director  |  Mariya ‘Masha’ Birkby

Costumes  |  Janice Beck

With support from  |  Dovbush Dancers, the Dance Centre, and funding from Community Arts Council of Vancouver

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The river, an elemental force, flowing forward, carving a path, influenced by its location and geography. The river, reflecting ourselves and our surroundings, but looking deeper, harbouring its own secrets, darkness, movement, and blinding light. What do you see when you look in the river?

Ukrainian Dance is renowned for its athleticism, grace and vibrancy.  Ukrainian music and culture are rooted in customs thousands of years old.  Enter a modern vision of cultural touchstones that crosses borders and spans generations.  Contemporary dance fuses with tradition in Richka.

Incorporating storytelling, theatre, live music and a unique combination of Ukrainian and Contemporary dance, our multicultural cast creates a performance that will challenge your perceptions, uncover shared experiences and foster connection with the people and places around you.

A theatrical look at the Canadian cultural experience, Richka melds Ukrainian folklore with contemporary aesthetics, and reveals the concepts which carry Ukrainian culture into our Canadian identity and echoes shared cultural experiences.