Good Timber

August 7 to 19, 2012
2 for 1 Preview August 7
8pm Tuesdays through Sundays
3pm Sunday matinees
1pm Wednesday matinee

Songs & Stories of the Western Logger

Based on the logger poetry of Robert E. Swanson, the Bard of the Woods, this amazingly talented ensemble has created a show of songs and stories played against a multi-media backdrop of rarely seen archival imagery.

Swanson worked for many years as a logger, and then as a railroad safety inspector for the BC government. Swanson was best known however for his logging poetry. During his forestry career Swanson visited every logging camp and mill operation on the coast and spent long evenings bull slinging with the legends of logging. He started writing down their stories and ballads in the 1930s, and in the process he became on of BC’s best selling poets. His four chapbooks of folk verse and ballads were enormously popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

For more than a year these poems inspired the ensemble through three workshop sessions, culminating in Good Timber, a glimpse into this rich cultural era in our history.

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A The Other Guys Theatre Production
Director | Ross Desprez
Music Director | Tobin Stokes
Stage Manager | Karley Wolfert
Visual Designer | John Carswell
Costume Designer | Erin Macklem
Set Designer | Peter Pokorny
Lighting Designer | Keith Houghton
Audio Technician | Ben Brysiuk 

Performed by Ross Desprez, Sarah Donald, Colleen Eccleston, Kelt Eccleston, John Gogo and Mark Hellman




Funding for this presentation of Good Timber is generously provided in part by the City of Vancouver’s Great Beginnings Program and Mercury Launch & Tug.





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