Lascivious Something

June 24 - 27, 2015
Wed - Sat 8pm
Sat 3pm

Lascivious Something explores the complexity of our choices, the decisions we make in our personal, social or political life and the shadow of consequences. The play delicately and sensually explores these notions through the metaphor of wine, sex and relationships.

It’s the autumn of 1980 in the United States of America, Ronald Reagan is about to be elected to his first term as President.  Such matters are of little consequence for August, an earthy expatriate who swapped his American materialism for secluded Greek vineyards long ago – or are they?  As August’s ex-girlfriend suddenly appears on the peaceful island where he wiles away his day’s wine-making with his sensual wife, a love triangle quickly devolves into a metaphorical, alcohol-fueled parable that is as political and economic as it is erotic.

To make this wonderful production even more visceral, we are providing a wine tasting before the show. Our wine expert will take you through this journey by stimulating your mind with knowledge and your palate with some of the best wine you can try. Come join us and get inspired.

Featuring: Kayvon Kelly, Kayla Deorksen, Alexandra Wever, & Nina Winkler

Director: Fay Nass
Production Designers: Eugene Mendelev and Fay Nass
Lighting Designer: Eugene Mendelev
Sound Designer: Daniel Simmons
Stage Manager: Sarah Mabberley
Assistant Stage Manager: Shila Amin
Assistant Director: Daniel Simmons
Associate Set Designer: Kyle Sutherland