Portraits and Scenes of Female Creatures

December 7 to 10
Talkback December 8

Portraits Of Female And Scenes Creatures

Four mysterious female creatures create a world of loss and grief at sea in this highly anticipated full-length work from the response.’s Amber Funk Barton. This physical journey descends to the bottom of a nautical world forcing its quartet of victims to come face to face with a reality they cannot change. Mythological tales of the sea and the female form act as inspiration for this talented Vancouver choreographer.

A Firehall Arts Centre Presentation
Produced by the response.
Choreographed and Directed by Amber Funk Barton
Original Composition by Marc Stewart
Light Design by Mike Inwood
Performed by Laura Avery, Dianne Doan, Lina Fitzner, Lisa Gelley

“…Her stuff is physical to the point of explosive, and impossible to forget.”
The Georgia Straight