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Talking Sex on Sunday

Feb. 14 – Mar. 8

On the first Sunday of every month Margot and her friends always host a theme party. What happens when Margot decides to kick it up a notch by having a Sex Toy Party? In this New Musical by Sara-Jeanne Hosie and Nico Rhodes, we witness these women share fears, reveal dirty secrets, explore new possibilities, and find the power of female friendship.

Book & Lyrics by Sara-Jeanne Hosie 

Music by Sara-Jeanne Hosie & Nico Rhodes

Arrangements & Orchestrations by Nico Rhodes
Directed by Donna Spencer
Developed with Edwin Wong

Margot     –     Janet Gigliotti

Olivia         –      Jennifer Lines

Frankie    –      Sara Vickruck

Sissy     –     Irene Karas Loeper

Carol      –      Caitriona Murphy

June     –     Katrina Reynolds

Odessa    –     Seana-Lee Wood


Choreographer:   Sara-Jeanne Hosie

Musical Director:  Nico Rhodes

Stage Manager:   Tanya Schwarzle

Set Design:  Brian Ball

Lighting Design: Michael Hewitt

Costume Design:  Stacey Steadman

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