Vancouver Fringe Festival BYOV

September 6 to 16
Various Showtimes


Company: Desperate Measures
Duration: 70 minutes
Categories: Comedy
Firehall Arts CentreJoint deals pot and is addicted to porn. His ex-girlfriend, Lisa, is pregnant and Joint’s about to become a daddy. Joint’s friend, Dude, loves Wanda but she’s crazy, hooked on coke, and sleeping with Joint on the side. Mandy tries to talk some sense into Lisa, while Buddy drinks too much and keeps forgetting his toque.18 and up, Coarse Language, Sexual Content
Sep 11 – 7:30 PM
Sep 12 – 9:30 PM
Sep 13 – 5:30 PM
Sep 15 – 7:30 PM
Sep 16 – 5:15 PM


Riverview High: The Musical

Company: Entrance Theatre
Duration: 90 minutes
Categories: Comedy, New Work, Musical Theatre, Queer
Firehall Arts CentreIn this new musical, it’s senior year and red-headed Alex has to make the biggest decision of his life. With graduation only weeks away, he needs to decide between the two loves of his life: the sweet, down-to-earth, blonde Cathy and the rich, sexy, brunette Erica. Who’s it gonna be? Just wait and see!14 and up
Comedy, Musical Theatre, Queer, New Work
Sep 10 – 9:30 PM
Sep 11 – 5:15 PM
Sep 12 – 7:15 PM
Sep 14 – 7:30 PM
Sep 16 – 7:15 PM


The Saints of British Rock

Company: London UK Records Ltd
Duration: 60 minutes
Categories: New Work
Firehall Arts CentreFrom the producers of This is CANCER, Jake’s Gift, One Man Star Wars, and One Man Lord of the Rings comes The Saints of British Rock: Transcending Through Time and Space. See “The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in The World,” in what Rolling Stone Magazine calls the most “unheard of” musical adventure of 2012! Starring Abermensch ’60s megastar Rocco Hercules!14 and up, Strobe Lights
Sep 10 – 7:45 PM
Sep 12 – 5:30 PM
Sep 13 – 9:45 PM
Sep 14 – 9:45 PM
Sep 15 – 5:30 PM
Sep 16 – 9:30 PM


She Has a Name

Company: Burnt Thicket Theatre
Duration: 90 minutes
Categories: Drama
Firehall Arts CentreHaunted by anguished voices, a lawyer poses as a john to build a legal case against a brothel trafficking girls into Bangkok. Can Jason win the trust of a young prostitute known only as Number 18 and convince her to risk her life to testify for the sake of justice?”She Has A Name [is] a heart-wrenching hit! 4 stars!” – Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun
“Riveting… The depiction haunts me!” – Eye See Media

14 and up, Coarse Language, Sexual Content

Sep 10 – 5:30 PM
Sep 11 – 9:30 PM
Sep 13 – 7:30 PM
Sep 14 – 5:15 PM
Sep 15 – 9:30 PM