Past Shows

Leonard Cohen – Prints

Leonard Cohen

January 11 to March 3

Best known for his poetic words and music, this show by famed Canadian troubadour Leonard Cohen features a collection of his self-portraits and other illustrations.


Peace at War

curated by Lori Weidenhammer

October 20 to November 19

This exhibit features archival images of Vancouver and propaganda posters created during times of war.Each photograph represents an aspect of the sacrifice and service that people endured in World War I and World War II. At the same time Canadians were seeking victory over enemies of their freedom, many were also seeking victory over the cultural intolerance found at the root of many wars.


Courtship Colour Studies

a photo-based work by Catherine M. Stewart

September 7 through October 15, 2011

Catherine Stewart's latest photo-based works are an extension of her recent investigations in natural history. Courtship Colour Studies grew out of her interest in the colour differences leading to sexual attraction between male and female songbirds. Using the zoological collection at the University of British Columbia, Stewart selected several pairs of songbird specimens and scanned them to create the foundation for the digital prints in the exhibit.