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Spooky Action

A Firehall Arts Centre presentation

 Inverso Productions’ Lesley Telford creates this interdisciplinary dance project  inspired by particle entanglement.   A study of  human connections, inspired by Einstein's famous phrase referring to particles that are so closely linked, they share the same existence,  Spooky Action brings together thought-provoking dance, cutting edge scenography, original composition and engaging narrative.


Opening Doors

A Firehall Arts Centre and Vancouver Moving Theatre production

TICKETS ON SALE SOON This work-in-progress dramatization draws on Daphne Marlatt & Carole Itter’s 1979 aural history, “Opening Doors: Vancouver’s East End” and takes a look at the stories and history of the neighbourhood surrounding the Firehall.  Women from many different cultural heritages and backgrounds help build this vibrant community and their stories often go untold.  This production may require movement throughout the Firehall.     Special pricing for Opening Doors: The Women Adult: $20.00  Seniors and Students: $15.00


FADO – The Saddest Music in the World

A Firehall Arts Centre and Puente Theatre production

FADO is a tale of love and ghosts told through the saddest music in the world, Portuguese FADO. When Luisa goes to Portugal she discovers her mother’s favorite fado is fascist and when she meets her long lost cousin and discovers he is a fadista and a Drag Queen, she is inspired to sing fados of resistance. Directed by Mercedes Batiz-Benet.


Solstice Greetings

A Firehall Arts Centre production

Returning for a second season, the sharing of songs, stories and seasonal greetings to celebrate the return of the light.


House and Home

A Firehall Arts Centre premiere production

Jennifer Griffin’s  biting, comic take on Vancouver’s  current real estate crisis. Hilary, a waitress/poet turned social worker, and Henry, a Butoh dancer turned lawyer, didn’t know how lucky they were when they managed to escape bad roommates and buy a house before the real estate market skyrocketed. Finding themselves house rich and cash poor they abandon their values and plunge into the world of short-term rentals.   How far can they go to keep their house? Directed by Donna Spencer


Talking Sex on Sundays

A Firehall Arts Centre premiere production

On the first Sunday of every month Margot and her friends always host a theme party. What happens when Margot decides to kick it up a notch by having a Sex Toy Party? In this New Musical by Sara-Jeanne Hosie and Nico Rhodes, we witness as these women share fears, reveal dirty secrets, explore new possibilities, and find the power of female friendship. Directed by Donna Spencer.


Trans Scripts, Part 1: The Women

A Zee Zee and Frank Theatre production presented in association with the Firehall Arts Centre

TICKETS ON SALE SOON Zee Zee and the Frank Theatre unite to bring this powerful verbatim piece compiled from over 70 interviews with trans women from around the world to the stage. The play follows 7 characters through a series of monologues using the hero’s journey as the structure for the piece.


Between Breaths

An Artistic Fraud production presented by the Firehall Arts Centre

Well known in Newfoundland as the Whale Man, Dr. Jon Lien during the course of his work pioneered techniques for rescuing whales entrapped in fishing nets saving the lives of over 500 animals. Between Breaths jumps time backwards, from the final moments of Lien’s life – in a wheelchair to his very first whale intervention.


BC Buds

A Firehall Arts Centre Production

BY DONATION ONLY Join us for new play readings and new choreographies that are in development.


White Noise

A Firehall Arts Centre and Savage Society premiere production

A comedy about two families who have dinner together for the first time during Truth and Reconciliation week, White Noise explores what it means to live in Canada from two different paradigms. How do we deal with internalized racism? Do we keep pushing it away and pretend to live safely in our day-to-day?  Directed by Renae Morriseau.