About Us


Located in a heritage fire station built in 1906, the Firehall Arts Centre produces a season of eclectic theatre, dance and interdisciplinary performances and acts as a host to visual arts exhibitions in its intimate gallery/lounge.  Each year the Centre hosts over two hundred performances bringing audiences into the heart of the city to enjoy artistic works, view art works in the gallery and sip a beverage on the enclosed courtyard.

The building that is now home to the Firehall Arts Centre served as a fire hall – the first motorized fire hall in North America – until 1975.  Minor renovations to turn the building into a theatre were undertaken at that time but it was not until February 25, 1982, that the building opened as the Firehall Theatre.  Later the decision was taken to change the name to the Firehall Arts Centre to better reflect all of the different arts activities that are housed in the bustling centre and that we are today!

Our Mission Statement

The Firehall Theatre Society connects communities and encourages a greater understanding of Canada’s cultural pluralism through its productions, presentations, exhibitions and artistic practice.

Our values are:

  • Artistic Merit and Integrity: to foster the development, production and presentation of artistic works which exhibit artistic merit, integrity and quality and to provide creative and employment opportunities for diverse British Columbian professional artists through the sharing of stories reflective of the Canadian experience.
  • Inclusion and Access: to create opportunities for First Nations, culturally diverse and gender diverse artists to participate in professional performing and visual arts and to ensure audiences from a broad cultural, economic and educational demographic feel welcome to attend and enjoy our productions, presentations and exhibitions.
  • Ethical Action: to conduct the Society’s business in an ethical and transparent manner ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for staff, contract employees and artists and an open relationship with audiences, donors/supporters and the community at large.
  • Community Benefits: to provide benefits to the B.C. artistic community through employment and support and to work towards creating a healthy community through the arts.
  • Education: to provide opportunities for artists, staff and audiences to experience and gain an increased knowledge of artistic disciplines, theatre and contemporary dance practice and the subject matter of the artistic works in which they are involved as artists and as audiences.
  • Sustainability: to strive for sustainability within its artistic practice and to act in an environmentally sustainable manner when purchasing materials and supplies for our productions and our administration.