Learning to Crawl – Eastside Culture Crawl

October 28 - December 5



The Firehall Arts Centre is excited to be a venue for local artists as part of the Eastside Culture Crawl.

Learning to Crawl Exhibit

Opening Reception November 4th, 5:30-7pm


What is the Eastside Culture Crawl?

The Eastside Culture Crawl is an annual 4-day visual arts festival in November that involves artists on Vancouver’s Eastside opening their studio to the public. The event is focused on the area bounded by Main St., 1st Ave., Victoria Drive, and the Waterfront and involves painters, jewelers, sculptors, furniture makers, weavers, potters, printmakers, photographers, glassblowers; from emerging artists to those internationally established.

The Eastside Culture Crawl officially began in 1997 with 45 visual artists in 3 Strathcona area studio buildings and was attended by a few hundred people. Since that time the event has grown to include over 400 artists, craftspeople and designers attracting an audience of more than 25,000. The organization itself has evolved to represent the heart of the East Van creative community.

ClancyDennehy03-New Town

The Artists at the Firehall:

Emilie Crewe
Drawing, Painting, Other
Emilie Crewe is an interdisciplinary artist and craftsperson working in Vancouver, BC. Her wood-burning pieces have been featured in a variety of shops and craft markets in the Lower Mainland. Influenced by Canadiana and West Coast wilderness, Emilie’s artworks are meticulously crafted. With an austere quality, her drawings, paintings and wood-burnings are sharp, unembellished depictions of the natural world. They have made appearances in Scout Magazine, District Local, I live in East Van, and When They Find Us. Emilie holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. Her art practice spans many mediums including experimental video and installation, which are exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, artist-run centres and film/video festivals. www.emiliecrewe.com

Clancy Dennehy
Born in Winnipeg, Clancy graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art in Halifax and settled in Vancouver in 1987 where he focused on film and became a renown director of art films and traveled the world shooting television documentaries. Attracted by the history and drama of the B.C. coast, he began creating art inspired by Nova Scotia folk art which he sold through the Canadian Craft Museum and galleries in Whistler and Vancouver, including corporate commissions for Washington/Cates and The Vancouver Port Authority between 1989 and 1999. Clancy’s current work has a contemporary perspective that still enjoys the thick tactile quality of carved and layered wood. Using re-claimed Douglas fir, cedar… and salvaged IKEA pine, his work reflects the richness of the west coast, finding beauty in both nature and our industrial history of logging transport and port activity. He also interprets our shared west coast iconography including the EAST VAN Cross, the Golden Spruce, and the flags of Cascadia, British Columbia and Canada. His favourite Canadian artists include Paterson Ewen, Peter Doig, Toni Onley, and David Blackwood.
Jean Dunbar
Contemporary acrylic and watercolour artist. Studied at NSCAD for two years (1978/9) followed by various art workshops throughout Canada and United States. In 2010-2012 while living in San Miguel Allende, Mexico,studied at Art Institute and was privileged to be Artist in Residence for Bordello Gallery having two successful Art Exhibits. Artist Statement:”If one allows the imagination to take the artist’s hand, wonderful things happen. The canvas comes alive with meaning, not only to the artist, but the viewer.”

FELT à la main with LOVE
Fashion, Textile, Other
Chantal Cardinal’s foundation for the last 25 years has been as a Fashion Designer and Costumer in the film industry. Also working in a feIt atelier, she discovered the endless possibilities of painting with fibres, draping and falling in love with nature’s renewable gift. By using wet felting, that opened her up to the breathtaking ways in which fabric and form could be re-invented to make clothing into art. She took a wardrobe break in 2008 to obtain a bodywork and massage certificate and blends in some of those techniques to perfectly fit a wearable piece. Where design meets anatomy, pattern construction and felting techniques you will find some of Chantal’s artifacts. Her obsession of late is with sight (reflective) for wearables and sound (soundproofing) for the home: to be seen on one hand and how to tone it down on the other.

Jordan Holms
Painting, Textile
Jordan Holms is a Vancouver-based artist, writer and curator. She recently graduated with a BFA in Critical and Cultural Practices from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Her recent work is pre-occupied with undoing the concept of fascination. Although this term is habitually thought of as a direct, physical appeal to a thing or a body, it also pertains to a phenomenon of constructed desire that harbours sentiments of simultaneous attraction and repulsion. Her practice is concerned with the unearthing of this latent desire, ingrained in the routinely overlooked. In her recent works, desire is mapped out by way of the feminine body as it appears and is erased in urban sites of interaction. In these works, the urban space is conceived of as body armour – as a carapace that forms a threshold to the intimate histories of a nomadic, unessentialized, body of femininity. The body forms the epicentre of this conversation concerning desire and sexual difference, and to armour its viscerality with a physical space is to remove the seductive tendencies of desire and rub up against tropes of femininity. And if a woman’s body is at the centre of this paradigm, the representation of the sites in question can be understood as the intersection where the faceless titans of socio-political systems of patriarchy converge with the intimate terrain of personal desire; a place where a woman can forge a different kind of face than the one that is expected of her.

Laleh Javaheri

Ari Lazer

Mark McCarvill
Mark McCarvill is a self-taught photographer who makes black-and-white images of the Canadian and international landscape. His artistic influences include photographers like Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna, and painters such as Tom Thomson and Lawren Harris. Mark is originally from Prince Edward Island but spent many years in both Ottawa and Toronto before moving to Vancouver. Mark’s photographs have been exhibited at the National Press Club in Ottawa, the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg (Ontario), and the Vancity Credit Union in Vancouver, among other venues. His clients include both individual and corporate buyers, and his prints range in size from 7”x7” to 40”x40”. Mark blends his own carbon pigment inkset, custom designed for making high resolution, archival black-and-white photographs.

Kat McPhee
Mixed MediaAn enthusiast of street art and abstract surrealism, Vancouver based artist Kathryn McPhee injects a unique flair and a cheeky sense of humour into her colourful creations. Using elements of graffiti and animation as inspiration, Kathryn’s art is a visual and stylistic alteration of personal photographs and images of her international travels. To add texture and density for her art, each of Kathryn’s paintings are created using a combination of oil pastels, acrylics and spray paint. She works mostly on canvas, wood, skate decks and snowboards.

Antony Rolland
Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
My recent paintings are an amalgam of my wood sculpture period and oil paint experimentation with a modern touch of raw imagination sustained by the sensitivity of my musical background. Living in British Columbia for 16 years now, and influenced by the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, I have acquired an artistic skill that is in constant evolution and innovative reconstruction. The completion of my latest painting is only the beginning of my next project…

Trevor Van den Eijnden
New Media, Painting, Sculpture
I am a research based visual artist working in a variety of media. I live, and teach in Vancouver, BC, but am originally from Nova Scotia. I received my BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, in 2005, and am currently an MAA in Visual Arts candidate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design here in Vancouver, BC. I was raised near a coast frequented by hurricanes and sharp shifts in the weather, which developed in me the desire to make sense of how we understand, and in what ways we impact the interdependent mesh of all living and non-living entities with whom we share the Earth. With that in mind, my current work investigates referents of our current geologic epoch, the Anthropocene. Rooted in a deep concern for the immediate and future implications of nature–human ideologies for the Earth, my practice investigates the ways in which we structure and define our relationship to the natural world through design. In particular, I am involved in a critical investigation of stylized, and conceptually flattened representations of minerals, flora, and fauna in the repeating patterns of art, and décor, and in researching ways to present hyperobjects—things massively distributed in time and space relative to human beings (like nuclear radiation, or global warming).

Julie Van Oyen
Drawing, Mixed Media
Julie is a Vancouver-based illustrator and maker. Her work involves woodburning onto raw and reclaimed wood, primarily subjects inspired by nature or macabre vintage medical illustrations. Other pursuits include pen/ink/graphite illustrations, as well as custom fabrication projects using laser cutters and CNC routers.

Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson is a Scottish-Canadian painter, based in Vancouver, BC. He has been painting full-time since 2013. Jeff currently has a number of collections touring public galleries in BC & WA State. These cover a broad range of subjects, including vehicles, signage, animal portraits, the Shetland Islands and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Jeff completed his first artist residency in March 2014 at the Booth in Shetland. The Booth is operated by WASPs studios & owned by the Shetland Arts Council. The resulting “60°N: Shetland” collection premiered at Maple Ridge Art Gallery in January 2015. The Vancouver Foundation awarded Jeff a DTES Small Arts Grant in early 2015. Paintings from this work premiered at the Espana Gallery in summer 2015. Jeff was recently named Finalist in the 2015 Saltspring National Art Prize.

Lauren D. Zbarsky