BC Buds: Spring Arts Festival

May, 4-7 2016
Wed, Thur, Fri Evenings | Sat all day

BC Buds ScheduleBC Buds Schedule


This year’s BC Buds Festival is bursting with innovative new site-specific live performance and new play readings that will take over the theater’s 108 year old heritage building for 4 days. The Firehall Arts Center will host nearly 30 different theatre, dance and music micro-performances and staged readings.

The festival is by donation and runs May 4, 730-9pm | May 5, 730-9pm | May 6, 7-11pm | May 7, 1–11pm.

This year’s festival is “Going Green” creators explore works with a focus for zero-waste by reusing or up cycling. Themes of pieces explore climate change and an appreciation for our earth and use personal, cultural and political stories to inform the work.

All performances are by donation.

By: ITSAZOO Theatre and Savage Society
Written by Sebastien Archibald, Kevin Loring, Quelemia Sparrow
(Originally co created by Sebastien Archibald, Kevin Loring, Quelemia Sparrow, John Cooper, Chelsea Haberlin and Tim Matheson)
Performers – Sebastien Archibald, Kevin Loring, Quelemia Sparrow
Co-directed by Chelsea Haberlin and John Cooper. This project draws its initial inspiration from The Vancouver Observer.
Wednesday 730-9 PM
Immersive theatre company ITSAZOO and aboriginal performance company Savage Society, in association with Neworld Theatre, bring to life a vibrant and personal account of the ongoing political battles over the Trans Mountain and Northern Gateway pipelines. Peak oil, First Nations land claims, and climate change are all explored with humour and empathy in this timely, meta-theatrical event. The Pipeline Project will be premiering at the Gateway Theatre in March 2017. Visit itsazoo.org for more information.


By: Sally Stubbs
Director Chelsea Haberlin
Cast: Jennifer Clement, Nicola Lipman, Sebastian Archibald and Craig Erickson.
Thursday 730-9 PM
What if a fighter-jet vanishes and Canada’s Air Force declares the plane and its pilots at the bottom of the Pacific: case closed?  What if the wife of one pilot refuses to accept that her husband is gone?  What if, years later, evidence confirms the plane crashed in the wild Callaghan Lake country near Whistler Mountain and that one or both pilots survived impact and might, just might, have lived if the official response had been more committed to the search? What if that same wife, now eighty-nine years old, still searches for her husband?  A haunting mystery, OUR GHOSTS is inspired by the playwright’s mother, the disappearance of the father she never knew, and its impact on her family.     


Kendra Fanconi (The Only Animal), Kevin Kimoto (Uproot) and Elaine Avila
Friday 530-630 PM


By: Liesl Lafferty
Performers: Darcey Johnson, Dawn Milman, Wendy Noel and Yumi Ogawa
Saturday 1-2PM
“Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” ~Marie Curie~
This play is for everybody who has had anything wrong with them, without knowing why. Canary is a dark comedy about Lily, a young woman who is struck with a mysterious and debilitating aversion to artificial light. Our hero battles a toxic world and raises the question, ‘Are you next?’


WET INK COLLECTIVE: VARIOUS PLAYS Director and Host: Liesl Lafferty
Saturday 230-400 PM

  1. Keeping Quiet, by Bronwyn Carradine… A young woman is forced to decide whether to come forward or keep quiet when her old friend decides to press charges on the man that sexually assaulted them.
  2. The World of Competing Sorrows, by Barbara Docherty… A TV game show host, who bears a resemblance to the president-elect, realizes her husband, a powerful “born again” right wing talk show host, is behind the plot to unseat the president and impose a theocratic patriarchy on the nation and only she has the means to stop him.
  3. Platform 1012, by Elspeth Futcher… Wallis, Duchess of Windsor and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother battled for most of their lives. Death didn’t end their hostilities, but it did change the rules.
  4. The Long Call, by Jenn Griffin… Inspired by her friendship with an orang-utan named Popi, Holly is set to fulfill her life’s dream of releasing captive orang-utans into the wild until her long lost ex-boyfriend Jack shows up at her door at 3:00 am to settle an ancient score.
  5. Hard Eighty, by Cheryl Mullen… Catherine rails against ravages of arthritis and old age while daughter Brenda and her family cope with her unwillingness to accept the reality of her condition. A human-sized green parrot and a visit from the past factor in Catherine’s discovery that she is still in control of what matters most.
  6. Rabbit’s Foot, by Chelsey Stuyt… In the cabaret-style house of 121 Larch St, two sisters must drag themselves out of their worlds of digital and drug-fueled vice before the roof falls down upon them. Beware the rats below and the voices within.
  7. The Yoke, by Michelle Travis… Lydia finds herself in a bind that she never anticipated and seems unable to extricate herself from. Despite the comically inept aid of her husband and her in-laws, she reckons with what it means to struggle against complacency.
  8. Sylvia’s Hotel, by Deborah Vogt… is a new musical about the Jewish family that changed the landscape of Vancouver in the 1910s and built the iconic Sylvia Hotel. It is the story of Abraham Goldstein, a man with a larger than life dream, and his relationship to his daughter Sylvia, who inspired it all.


By Sasha Singer-Wilson

Directed & dramaturged by Ulla Laidlaw
Performed by Nadeem Phillip
Saturday 530-630 PM
Twelve-year old environmentalist Lenny has his lucky pouch around his neck, and the eczema behind his knees is hardly even itchy. He is more ready than ever for his Speakers League presentation on Sea Turtles! Part way through, Lenny can’t help but reveal the dramatic events leading up to today. The speech derails and the line between Lenny’s past and present blurs. My Ocean is about broken homes, the power of conviction, and how we might find hope in our uncertain future.


By: Derek Copely, Lily Cryan, Madisen Steele and Kate Delorme
Installation on Friday & Saturday Night


By: Leslie Kennah (Director), Anna Kraulis (Choreographer), and Hannah Carpendale (Forest Activist) in collaboration with performers
Performed by Jennifer Aoki, Jen Dunford, Angelina Krahn, and Rianne Svelnis.
Original Score by Oliver Nickels
Installation on Friday & Saturday Night
Verge captures a tactile experience of an ancient forest ecosystem as perceived through the moving body. The project was shot in and around Avatar Grove (Vancouver Island), in the traditional territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation. This is an area where some of the last ancient forests on BC’s south coast still stand, starkly contrasted by expanses of stumps in nearby clearcut valleys. Verge is part of larger collaborative body of work that explores concepts of stewardship and the legacy we are imprinting on the earth. To learn more about the plight of old growth forests in BC, visit www.ancientforestalliance.org.


By: Brad Muirhead & Sharon Kallis
Friday & Saturday 700-730 PM


By: Con8 Collective and Robert Azevedo
Performed by Robert Azevedo, Tin Gamboa & Charlotte Newman
Friday & Saturday 730-745 PM


By: NOW! Theatre
Writer: Alyssa Kostello
Director: Eleanor Felton
Stage Manager: Julia Lank
Sound Designer: James Coomber
Performers: Keenan Marchand, Erin Palm, Tosh Sutherland
Friday & Saturday 700-740 PM
Living on Gyres (the Great Pacific Garbage Patch), Debra and Little Drew lead a quiet life amongst the floating debris. That is until Alby, a flying fisherman, crashes into their home, changing their perspectives, altering their lives, and his, forever.


y: Lisa Waines, Jim Peers, Guy Fauchon 
Performers: Lisa Waines and Jim Peers
Friday & Saturday 745-800PM
Coming Up For Air was written in 2010 by Oriah House for her blog, The Green Bough. It is a personal reflection of her marriage break-down and its relationship to the BP Oil Spill.


Created and Performed by Alastair Knowles and Stéphanie Morin-Robert
Friday & Saturday 745-815 PM
Two of Canada’s most celebrated Fringe artists, comedian Alastair Knowles (of 14-time BEST-OF-FEST winners James & Jamesy) and choreographer Stephanie Morin-Robert (from Montreal’s critically acclaimed contemporary dance company For Body And Light) mix a hilarious and extravagant comedy cocktail celebrating love on the edge of humanity.
“Fascinating. Ingenious. Intelligent.”
”This daring and creative production must not be underestimated.”


Choreography by Karissa Barry
Set and lighting design by Karissa Barry and Matthew Barry
Performed by Avery Smith
Music by Heather Pearls
Friday & Saturday 820–830 PM   
A solo exploring the physical response to isolation and finality, using only battery powered LEDs and recycled materials such as tetra packs/juice boxes to light and animate the space. Special thanks to the Firehall Arts Theatre, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Dances for a Small Stage, and Vanessa Goodman.


Choreography and Performance by Isabelle Kirouac
Outside Eye: Emmalena Fredriksson
Friday & Saturday 835–845 PM
We are the land we live on is an improvised and interactive solo performance, exploring the relationships between visual perception and human landscape through improvised dance.  Nature is everywhere. Humans are part of it. We are the land we live on invites the audience members to locate themselves in the space and to reflect on the act of seeing and being seen. It invites the public to reconsider their landscape in subtle details, reframing it through the movements of the dancer and their own lenses.


Friday & Saturday  845–915 PM
Various works that question an artists place in protecting the environment.
THE ASSEMBLY – Jessica Gabriel, Cat Main, Sharon Bayly, Naomi Steinberg, M. Pyress Flame, Melissa Aston, Lisa Voth, Emma Garrod. Kate Bateman, Yvonne Chartrand
Plastic bags are multi-use, recyclable, hygienic, convenient and more environmentally friendly than alternatives. Plastic bags are not single-use bags, but multi-purpose and multi-use.  In fact, when it is reused or recycled, the plastic bag is a sustainable solution. Plastic shopping bags are not an environmental problem in Canada because Canadians take their responsibility for the environment and product stewardship VERY seriously.
-Canadian Plastics Industry Association
HONG KONG EXILE – Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Milton Lim, and Remy Siu
The world’s first eco-city, failed. 2010, the visionary project to transform a grassy island near the crowded metropolis of Shanghai into a glistening model of sustainable design and energy-efficient infrastructure for 50,000 people. 2016, an abandoned city of dreams.
RICE AND BEANS THEATRE – Pedro Chamale and Derek Chan
Written by Derek Chan
Performed by Pedro Chamale and Derek Chan
A mariner contemplates whether he should break up with the world.  Whales, radio sermon, poetry, confession.  Soft Rains is inspired by the Sara Teasdale poem, There Will Come Soft Rains, published in 1920.


Created and Performed by: Wendy Atkinson
Friday & Saturday 845–910 PM
Musicians are consummate recyclers:  recurring motifs, re-using tunes, re-purposing themes and using found sounds. What is a chorus if not a form of recycling? Bassist Wendy Atkinson, with guitarist David Lester, performs a 5-song musical set that explores “Going Green” as a musical concept.


Co- Creators & Performers: Katie Gartlan-Close; Jonathan Kim; Iris Lau; Carmine Santavenere
Friday & Saturday 915–940 PM
This is a mock-creation performance to respond God created the natural environment and creatures in the world in 7 days. Audience would join our ridiculous tour and experience the recreating process. Through our fake-children show, you will then find out how crazy human is today.


Created and Performed by: Ashley Whitehead
Friday & Saturday 915–930 PM
“it’s not in her nature…”
“…to change the laws of nature…”
“…the nature of their problem


Creator and Performer:  Dylan Ctk Jones
Director: Andrea Rabinovitch.|
Friday & Saturday 930–950 PM
“Cold” is the emotionally raw telling of Dylan Ctk Jones’ story: a 20 minute combination of rap-based songs, instrumentals and spoken word. Standing alone onstage, his truths reach out to touch the audience, embracing their humanity and linking us all. The North’s incredible beauty and indelible harshness inform the subject.


Creator: Katie Cassady
Performer: Georgia Johnson
Friday & Saturday 945–955 PM
This performance seeks to explore the absurd by displaying an extreme scenario involving an individual’s relationship to nature. Many special thanks to Georgia Johnson and George.


Choreographer: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis
Dancers: Walter Kubanek and Jennifer McLeish-Lewis
Friday & Saturday 1000–1015 PM
“This question, is there cause for optimism? it depends on where you placed your bets.  If you placed your bets on male dominated institutions based on consumer fetishism, propaganda, classism, and materialism, then God help you, you should call your broker!  If, on the other hand, you’ve recognized that a life boat strategy is important here, that what’s really important is empowering personal experience, backing off from consumer object fetishism, freeing the mind, empowering the imagination, then in that case, I think you can feel pretty good about what is going on.” -Terrence McKenna


Performer/Creator: Carolina Bergonzoni
Friday & Saturday 1005–1015 PM
One body, baking soda, coconut oil, peppermint, toothpaste tubes. Those are some of the ingredients of Toothpaste.
Through words and movement, in this dance-lecture-performance you will learn how to make homemade toothpaste. What a funny way to learn how to reduce the use of non-recyclable toothpaste containers.


Directed by Marc Arboleda
Text by Elysse Cheadle
Music by Elliot Vaughan
Lighting by Jonathan Kim
Script Dramaturgy by Marc Castellini
Thanks to Aryo Khakpour for his ​collaboration on previous drafts
Friday & Saturday 1020–1045 PM
Antoine Featherless is falling from the sky towards the cement. Soft Face is watching and waiting from below. The birds are circling.
Part rock concert, part surrealist melodrama, Soft Face and Featherless is a reckless and bodily exploration of descent, edges, birds, and inevitability.