Major Motion Picture

Oct 12-15 Wed-Sat 8pm

A Firehall Arts Centre Presentation
Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, Vancouver
Major Motion Picture

Major Motion Picture explores timely themes of surveillance, otherness, propaganda and belief through eccentric and lawless characters. A hybrid performance language includes infrared technology and an onstage surveillance system alongside Out Innerspace’s trailblazing movement invention. 7 dancers fight for the theatre, losing and gaining the grounds for their power and identity. A mysterious third party is present in every conflict, teaching us how to desire, and leading us into patterns. Living in the wings, The Others hack into the theatre with wild attempts to steal the show and regain the stage as their own. With influences ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Die Antwoord,Orson Welles to Slavoj Zizek, the music of Bernard Herrmann meets urban underground and an original composition by Belgian producer Tristan Vloeberghs.

About the Company
Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is a Vancouver based company dedicated to furthering the development and appreciation of contemporary dance in Canada through the creation of innovative and integral dance works with personal and public significance. Artistic Directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen hail from British Columbia but their practice has lead them abroad including a 2 year residency in Belgium before returning to Vancouver to form Out Innerspace. Now OIS tours nationally and leads Modus Operandi a multiyear contemporary dance program for young aspiring professionals. OIS is devoted to movement invention, new technology, dialogue, collaboration, curiosity and risk taking as means to an ever evolving idiom that is both distinct and universally understood. They are determined to push beyond expected aesthetics with uncompromising rigour and unreserved ingenuity to make extraordinary, unforgettable and inclusive dance experiences.

“The dancing is athletic, satisfying and accomplished. Tregarthen and Raymond’s vision is
jawdroppingly original — you will see things in Major Motion Picture you have never experienced
before. — abstract, visceral and challenging — This is bold and exciting contemporary dance.”- Times

OIS New Work by Wendy D photography


Choreographed and performed by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen in collaboration with Laura
Avery, Ralph Escamillan, Elissa Hanson, Arash Khakpour, Renée Sigouin
Lighting Design: James Proudfoot
Video Design and Manipulation: Craig Alfredson, Eric Chad, David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen
Costume Design: Kate Burrows, Sherry Randall, David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen
Sound Design: Tristan Vloeberghs and Gizem Karaosmanoglu , Kate De Lorme, David Raymond and
Tiffany Tregarthen
Music: Tristan Vloeberghs and Gizem Karaosmanoglu, Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Morricone, Pulse
Percussion Ensemble, Vanalles, Young Gutted, Skeeter Davis
Technical Director: Jeremy CollieHolmes
Project Mentor: Crystal Pite
Apprentice: Elya Grant