Final Week!


March 8 to 24, 2013
2 for 1 Preview March 7
8pm Tuesdays through Sundays
2 for 1 Matinees March 13 & 17 at 2pm

Maladjusted, the latest forum theatre production from Theatre for Living, formerly Headlines Theatre, is created and performed by mental health patients and caregivers. It is a theatrical community dialogue about our maladjusting mental health system that will ask questions about unlocking the barriers to patient-centered care. Theatre for Living has a 32 year award winning history creating this type of work. In Forum Theatre, the play leads to a crisis and then stops. The play is then repeated a second time, and the audience is invited to replace characters if they can see solutions to the issues presented on the stage. The forums are fun, challenging, and highly entertaining.

Maladjusted will have a community scribe attached to the project, who will be at every performance to record the outcomes of the interactions. From this we will create a policy document that will then be submitted to various organizations including the Mental Health Commission of Canada. There will also be a free two-day mini-conference on March 18 and 19 that will have panels and discussions to enhance the community dialogue created through the work.

More information about the project and mini-conference can be found on the Theatre for Living website:


Presented by Theatre for Living (Headlines)

Directed by David Diamond

Created and Performed by Erin Arnold, Sam Bob*, Marton Filby, Colin Ross, Micheala Hiltergerke, Pierre Leichner and Khoal Marks

Technical Director Elisha Burrows
Stage Manager Dorothy Jenkins*
Set and Props Designer Yvan Morisette
Lighting Designer Gerald King
Costume Designer Carmen Alatorre
Sound/Video Designer Candelario Andrade.
*Appears courtesy of Canadian Actor’s EQUITY