Mamahood: turn and face the strange

Oct 18-29 Tues 7pm | Wed-Fri 8pm | Sat 4pm & 8pm | Sun 3pm | Wed 1pm PWYC (Oct 19, 26)
Previews: Oct 18 @ 7pm, Oct 19 @1pm

A Firehall Arts Centre Presentation
Mamahood: turn and face the strange

Meet Marie, an extremely deprived first time mother who dares to tell the tale of her descent into motherhood as she travels to an alternate time and place, Planet Mamahood. Her story is told with both humour and pathos, and as unpredictable and strange events unfold, she searches and reaches for help to heal and find her way home.

**Strong language, mature content-not suitable for children**

80 min run-time followed by a Q&A moderated by the Pacific Post Partum Support Society

Written and performed by Nicolle Nattrass
Directed by TJ Dawe

What professionals are saying about Mamahood:

“Mamahood: Turn and Face the Strange is a Must-See… Post-partum depression is a debilitating life-changer that hits women when they expect to be in happy mommy-land. Nattrass’s brilliant one-woman show hits hard and opens the audience to the inner world of deep pain in the midst of heart-aching baby love. As a psychologist who has had clients go through their own post-partum depression journey, I can attest to learning far more from Mamahood than from any textbook I’ve read. I feel better equipped to help my own clients after having seen this excellent theatre piece.”-Dr. Carolyn Nesbitt PHD

So impressed with Nicolle Nattrass’s solo performance today of her play Mamahood: turn and face the strange. Her courageous sharing of her journey into motherhood, the challenges for her and her partner in new parent-land, and her emergence into herself as a mother is inspiring. I particularly appreciated the language she used: trauma, postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder. Many women have births they are happy with, many women have births that didn’t go the way they wanted, and some women have births that are experienced as a trauma. WE DON’T TALK ABOUT IT– but we should. We should stop telling mothers “all that matters is a healthy baby” and we should start listening to the experiences new mothers are navigating. And we should bring them more casseroles. Thanks for raising your voice Nicolle!”- Sarah Segal-Prenatal Educator and Family Support

“For many women, their child birth story is not what they had hoped for or imagined. Viewing Mamahood: turn and face the Strange could offer women (and possibly their supporting partners) an opportunity for reflection, dialogue and healing. Childbirth is a life-changing experience. The play offers women an opportunity to access repressed emotions around their own birth stories in a safe and supportive atmosphere. For many women this could prove to be a cathartic experience. ”
Kerri Isham – Certified Sexual Health Educator