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No Exit & Lost and Found

January 16 to 19
Talkback January 17

A double bill from Toronto’s Fujiwara dance inventions; the ensemble piece No Exit based on the Jean-Paul Sartre play of the same name and Lost & Found, a solo choreographed and performed by company Artistic Director Denise Fujiwara.

No Exit

A compelling dance-theatre work inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s play of the same name. Three strangers arrive in an unlikely hell, a sitting room with a locked door. With exasperating provocations, humour and pathos, the characters exemplify the dilemma that Sartre has put forward through his proposition, “Hell is other people”.

Choreographted by Denise Fujiwara
Composed by Philip Strong
Costume and Set Design by Camellia Koo
Lighting Designer and Technical Director Roelof Peter Snippe

Interpreted by Sasha Ivanochko, Miko Sobreira and Rebecca Hope Terry


Lost and Found

A woman has lost her intangibles. Impermanence and attachment, loss and discovery; each moment reveals us to be simultaneously lost and found.

Denise Fujiwara is known for the intense emotional resonance of her hyper-articulated work. She is a sought after choreographer, performer,  teacher and impresario. Her dance concerts have won her critical and audience acclaim across Canada and internationally.

Choreographed and performed by Denise Fujiwara
Costume Design and properties by Janieta Eyre
Music by Philip Strong
Lighting Design and Technical Direction by Roelof Peter Snippe

A Firehall Arts Centre Presentation
A Fujiwara dance inventions Production