Solitudes Solo

October 28th - 31st, 2015
Wednesday to Saturday, 8pm

Five dancers perform sublime solos choreographed by iconoclast Daniel Léveillé. Being is no longer attained through nudity. To better unveil his dancers, Daniel Léveillé subjects them to the test of the solo and to impossible choreographic scores. A man holds a pose while falling in slow motion; a leg endlessly detaches itself from a body out of its axis. Minutes of eternity during which emotions come up to the surface. Unexpected softness, almost lyrical. Sublime beauty of intensely present dancers. To the sound of Bach violins that no human destiny could ever interfere with, they quickly pull themselves together; put on their armours anew. Clenched fists, glaring eyes, they leave again for the fight. Solitude is their battlefield.

“Daniel Léveillé at the height of his powers and a choreography that is as finely chiseled as a diamond necklace.” -Fabienne Cabado for Festival TransAmériques  

“Daniel Léveillé pushes his dancers on paths steeper than ever in a work where aridity and tension eventually bring about joy. A great work of art.” – Voir magazine culturel, Montréal

Performed by Mathieu Campeau, Esther Gaudette, Emmanuel Proulx, Justin Gionet, and Simon Renaud.

Choreographed by Daniel Léveillé

** Please note that this performance contains partial nudity and the theatre is at a warmer temperature for the dancers’ comfort**

For media inquiries please contact:
Debora Gordon