The Nether

Jan 18 - 28, 2017
Tue 7pm | Wed-Fri 8pm | Sat 4 & 8pm | Sun 3pm
Wed 1pm PWYC (Jan 18 & 25)

The Nether made its Vancouver premiere at this year’s Fringe Festival and was a favourite amongst critics. A detective story that explores the nature of virtual realms, fantasy and morality. Written by Jennifer Haley, The Nether is complex and darkly intriguing.

The play is set in the near future. The internet has evolved into the Nether, a vast network of virtual reality realms. Users may log in, choose an identity and indulge any desire. When Detective Morris investigates a realm called ‘The Hideaway’ which exists as an outlet for people so their impulses are not acted upon in the real world, she brings its creator in for interrogation. They discover they have made emotional attachments in this realm that blind them to the greater questions of ethical behaviour, both in the imagination and the outside world. The Nether is the next iteration of the internet.

Producation Company | Redcurrant Collective

Direction  |  Chris Lam

Featuring | David Bloom, Lissa Neptuno, Linden Banks, Julia Siedlanowska, & Douglas Ennenberg

Stage Management |  Susan D. Currie


“Director Chris Lam’s minimalist staging is effective; the powerful contrast between the sterility of the real world and the richness of the Hideaway is largely left to our imagination and to the exquisitely atmospheric and subtly ominous sound design, by James Coomber, and lighting, by Jonathan Kim.” – Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

“It would be a cliché, but nevertheless true, to say that The Nether deals with fantastic ideas that become more realistic and issues that become timelier every day.” – Jerry Wasserman, Vancouverplays

Holding our hands through this difficult subject matter is the terrific ensemble of Linden Banks, David Bloom, Douglas Ennenberg, Lissa Neptuno, and Julia Siedlanowska. Maybe it is a defense mechanism given the topic, but under Lam’s direction the performances are somehow simultaneously realistic and detached; the result is an almost indescribable reaction to these characters.” – Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents
The combination of beauty and danger is marbled into the dialogue…” – Jeremy Shepherd, North Shore News

The production is 80 minutes.  There is no intermission.