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Hirsch’s Gift To Future Generations of Directors

This month at the Firehall, we have the privilege of presenting HIRSCH, a show about Canadian theatre legend John Hirsch (1930 – 1989). This one-man play starring Toronto’s Alon Nashman and directed by Paul Thompson is truly an ode to Canadian theatre and Hungarian refugee Hirsch’s prolific theatrical achievements. In the lead up to the […]



INK returns to Vancouver with Inside Creation

A beautiful work of dance that debuted at the Firehall Arts Centre a decade ago is being revisited once again, this time at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. From the creators: In 2003 choreographer Andrea Nann collaborated with pottery artist and Chinese ink painter Wayne Ngan (Hornby Island) and contemporary dance artists Alison […]



Firehall Fact #25: The Infamous Black Box

If you’ve come to the Firehall to see a performance, you’ve noticed the theatre is what we in the bizness like to call a “black box”.  A black box theatre, according to Wikipedia, is an “unadorned performance space, usually a large square room with black walls and a flat floor. It is a relatively recent innovation in theatre.“ Yep, […]



Firehall Fact #24: Staff Make-up

Prepare yourself, I’m bringing out a cliche: A functioning organization is like a well-oiled machine – you need all the parts to work well together to make things happen.  The Firehall is like a well-oiled machine…no, a functioning organization. However, it’s kind of amazing that we are able to produce the terrific work we do with our […]



Firehall Fact #5

Thirty years ago, when the Firehall first opened, the resident theatre company was Axis Mime Theatre, now known simply as Axis Theatre. Axis is a physical theatre company whose mandate it was to present work that educated and fostered appreciation for the performing arts to young audiences across BC.  Since then, they have continued this work […]



Firehall Fact #4 Facelift

Joan Rivers. Kenny Rogers. David Gest. Dolly Parton. The Firehall Arts Centre. What is the common thread? Facelifts! Turning a functioning fire station into a centre for the arts meant there were some cosmetic changes that needed to be made to the building.   One of those changes was in what is now our lobby and […]